SUNRISE BRIDGE 

4th  in the series  “THE STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO”

*About the series:

    I love taking pictures, nature is always poised, it’s my favorite subject to snap photos of. In this series I will post a  photo I’ve taken, tell you when, where and lots about the moment the photo shot was taken. I will try to convey the feeling/emotional state I was in which prompt me to take the picture. Also a new photo will be added to the series once a week…

comment on each post letting me know how the photo makes you feel, ways I can improve my skills and other photos you would like to see and read “THE STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO” of.


   Bridges, “only burn bad bridges, never know when you’ll need to cross again”.

this photo of the Manhattan bridge in New York City was taken at sunrise, while I was a passenger driving on the FDR eastside Manhattan. Even though I drove pass this location many mornings, it really took me by surprise that glorious day.  The light of the sunrise was so inviting, the way it complimented the structure, I had to take a photo. This photo brings back the feeling of the warmth of sunrise I felt that day every time I look at it. The sunrise bridge photo also reminds me of an old saying which I modified, “never burn bridges you’ve crossed, it may be needed again”.



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