3rd  in the series  “THE STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO”

*About the series:

   I love taking pictures, nature is always poised, it’s my favorite subject to snap photos of. In this series I will post a  photo I’ve taken, tell you when, where and lots about the moment the photo shot was taken. I will try to convey the feeling/emotional state I was in which prompt me to take the picture. Also a new photo will be added to the series once a week on Sunday..

comment on each post, letting me know how the photo makes you feel, ways I can improve my skills and other photos you would like to see and read about “THE STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO” of.


   Early one morning I took a walk on Coney Island beach, I found this creature, looks like it was caught upside-down by the tide that washed it to shore and sunk it into the sand, it could not move, I  thought it was dead. I didn’t know what it was so I moved it with my foot. To my surprise it wiggled. I rescued it, sending it back to the ocean, it swam away seemingly happy and I left like a hero.




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