1st in the series  “THE STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO”

*About the series:

I love taking pictures, nature is always poised, it’s my favorite subject to snap photos of. In this series I will post a  photo I’ve taken, tell you when, where and lots about the moment the photo shot was taken. I will try to convey the feeling/emotional state I was in which prompt me to take the picture. Also a new photo will be added to the series once a week on Sunday..

comment on each post letting me know how the photo makes you feel, ways I can improve my skills and other photos you would like to see and read “THE STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO” of.


This photo was taken in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York on a spring morning.

Though I’ve run, speed walked pass or spend relaxing time close by this gazebo many times, on this particular day the sunrise made the ambiance irresistible for a photo opt.

follow this blog for the continuation  of the series “THE STORY BEHIND THE PHOTO”

Leave a comment of what you think of this photo….


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